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A Couples Reflection Circle - Friday July 26th - 7pm

A Couples Reflection Circle - Friday July 26th - 7pm

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A Couples Reflection Circle

Facilitated by Riverbank owner Paige Appel (and partner Talmadge Lowe)

Friday July 26th

Time: 7pm-9pm

Exchange: $75 per couple

In this reflection circle, we will explore, reflect, and deepen relationships that are in connected partnerships, as well as discuss how to shift energy and intention within the relationship. We will spiral inward to our own discomforts as well as our own ease with each other as we learn how to listen, validate, empathize, and encourage more harmony in our partnerships.

This is a sacred time to make space for a greater connection, within yourself, with your partner, and with others. Created for presence, self-discovery, and validation in the community of couples. In this practice, we can bring our innate wisdom to our family and intimate relationships in day to day life through new communication tools and empathetic listening. These circles are a confidential and supportive space where you can freely be with all that is presenting. We co-create a space for authentic connection & curiosity as we dive into exactly where we are in our most intimate partnerships.

*no circle experience needed, all are welcome. Paige Appel is the founder of Riverbank and has been taught & mentored by Jan Birchfield of Antara Retreat. She has been trained in reflection circles by Kathy Harris from the Center of Attidudinal Healing and Paula Mallis of WMN Space.

*one ticket purchase is for two people

**no refunds unless cancelled 72 hours in advance

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