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Earthen Healing with Amber Lee

Earthen Healing with Amber Lee

EARTHEN HEALING - Book Directly with Amber for Friday March 31st

Honoring that we are part of the Earth, and thus we too have the ability to self-heal — Earthen Healing is a way of remembering and returning to our truest nature.  

When given the essential conditions that support our healing, naturally we are able to restore harmony within.  Breath by breath, layer by layer — Healing waters return to flow within our riverbeds.  

These holistic, integrative and somatic healing sessions are made of Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork, Reiki, Council & more.

Each 90 minute treatment is attuned to the individual and the present moment - As science, spirit, and skill align for a deeply restorative healing experience.

May we each find the safe and supportive ways to tend to our earthen vessel, providing the nourishment that is vital to all areas of our life.  

About Amber

Daughter of the Earth and woman of prayer, Amber devotes her life’s walk to learning, listening, and being of service.  As an Andean-Asian carrier of multiple lineages, she is the student and practitioner of various healing and spiritual traditions now woven into her life’s work.    

During her 10+ year private practice, Amber has come to intimately know the way of healing.  Nowadays, you can find her drinking tea, taking walks, and treating clients in the Ojai Valley where she resides.  

In honor of her ancestors, Amber regularly offers Reiki Trainings where she teaches others of the innate ways of healing.  She furthermore offers an enriching program of workshops, retreats, and more in her newly founded community space — the True Nature Collective.

Simply put, Amber’s mission is to bring forth health and harmony to the individual and collective journey as one, in a responsible, compassionate, regenerative, and loving way.

Amber Lee | LMT, REIKI III

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner, Esalen Massage Therapist & Council Facilitator



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