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Enneagram Workshop with Courtney Smith - Saturday April 27th - 3pm

Enneagram Workshop with Courtney Smith - Saturday April 27th - 3pm

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Enneagram Workshop with Courtney Smith

Date: Saturday April 27th

Time: 3pm-6pm

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Courtney Smith is an executive coach, group facilitator, and organizational advisor who is committed to helping others see themselves and the world more clearly.  Courtney is an expert practitioner of the Enneagram, a personality typing system rooted in ancient Western mindfulness traditions and modern psychological theory, and she relies upon teachings and practices from this lineage, among other disciplines, to build self-awareness and accelerate growth for her clients.  Courtney has a robust individual and corporate coaching practice, and she also teaches women’s groups in Santa Barbara, where she lives with her husband and three children.  Her work has been featured on the Goop and Elise Loehnen’s Pulling the Thread podcasts.

During this workshop, Courtney will introduce participants to the fundamental components of the Enneagram, including its origins; underlying theory; descriptions of the nine types; and some of its meaningful uses and applications.  This course is designed for individuals, whether new or already familiar with the Enneagram, who are interested in greater personal, relational, or spiritual development.  Prior knowledge of your own type is not required, although participants can also use an online assessment tool such as the RHETI, available at, if they wish to get an initial sense of their type ahead of the workshop.

What is the Enneagram? The Enneagram is a system for self-discovery and growth rooted in both ancient Western mindfulness traditions and modern psychological theory.  Working with the Enneagram helps us understand the underlying assumptions, beliefs, and motivations that each of us brings to our understanding of reality and then move beyond these patterns to live more authentic, deliberate, and easeful lives.

The Enneagram can serve as a guide to your exploration of questions such as:

  • Have you felt yourself “on repeat”, stuck in a pattern of behavior that doesn’t serve you but seems impossible to break?
  • Have you wished you could understand why and how other people in your personal relationships see the world differently than you?
  • Have you found yourself skeptical of traditional religious belief systems but still wanting to find purpose and meaning in your life?
  • Have you wondered how to bring moments of calm and mindful presence out of meditation into your “normal” life?

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