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Sacred Sound Bath with Henno House - Friday December 1st - 6:30pm

Sacred Sound Bath with Henno House - Friday December 1st - 6:30pm

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Hosted by Henno House first Friday of the month - 6:30pm

We welcome you to immerse yourself in the healing vibration of Brendon and his transportive sound baths. 

Put simply, everything is sound. Every piece of matter owes its existence to vibration (sound) and, therefore, every piece of matter can be influenced by sound. Even if we don’t know the physics behind the principles of sound, we feel its effects inherently. It’s why our language is full of sound jargon. “I like their vibe.” “That resonates with me.” “He is so high-strung.” We are constantly seeking harmony and repelling dissonance in our lives. It’s our nature.

A Sound Bath is a deep mediation aided with the power of sound. It is specifically meant to downshift your brainwaves from beta to theta frequencies. When your brain waves slow down to theta, you are able to access the flow state of your subconscious while still in a conscious state. This also moves us into the limbic brain, which allows the autonomic nervous system to activate healing in the body.

A Sound Bath is an immersive, sensory experience designed to help people access a deep sense of peace, relaxation and spiritual connection. Through a combination of sound and meditation techniques, participants can easily access a state of greater mental clarity and emotional calm. Sound baths can lead us into a state of deep ease where we can more readily access our inner voice and desires. 

**no refunds unless cancelled 72 hours in advance

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