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Self-Compassion with Heather Prete - Wednesday July 17th - 7pm

Self-Compassion with Heather Prete - Wednesday July 17th - 7pm

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Self-Compassion with Heather Prete

Date: Wednesday July 17th

Time: 7pm - 8pm

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We can create a safe place for our emotions to land within ourselves. Only then can true transformation take place. You are stronger, larger, and more resilient than you believe yourself to be. Understanding and living in this truth is your birthright. We no longer seek other people to heal our wounds. The true healer lies within ourselves.

-Heather Prete

Our emotional suffering comes from resisting what is. When we feel something should not be, we experience what we refer to in mindfulness as suffering. This aversion, judgement, hatred or other negative feelings towards the parts of ourselves that need attention keep us locked in pain, unhealthy habits, and feeling stuck. 

When we practice self-compassion, we take the suffering out of our difficulties and, in turn, add care. Self compassion can transform energies of self criticism, addictive behaviors, low self esteem, attachment and relationship issues, etc into wisdom, strength, and wellbeing.

In this class, Heather Prete shares the transformative practice of Self Compassion as she has understood it in 25 years of practice and learning from masters around the world. Join us for instruction, dharma talk, and guided meditation and experience the power of self compassion in your own life.

Heather is one of the foremost Mindfulness Facilitators located in California known for her compassion, knowledge, and humor. She works with a diverse range of clientele including those in recovery, people coping with depression and anxiety, cancer survivors, men and women battling chronic health and pain issues, those suffering from PTSD, as well as clinicians combating compassion fatigue syndrome. She has worked as a guiding teacher for Mindful Schools training school teachers Mindfulness. Her training began with Tibetan Compassion practices in 1998, traveling the world to learn under masters in both India and Europe as well as a 9 year training in Buddhist Psychology and practice. In 2011 she became a certified Mindfulness Facilitator at UCLA, and is a teacher of their Mindful Awareness Classes, as well as their Self Compassion, and Working with Difficult Emotions 6 week courses.

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