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The Ritual & Craft of Winter with Moon Canyon - Thursday December 7th - 5:30pm

The Ritual & Craft of Winter with Moon Canyon - Thursday December 7th - 5:30pm

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The Ritual & Craft of Winter with Moon Canyon - $190 - 5:30pm

Honoring the turning wheel of the year through the ancestral practices of wreath making and folk medicine.

Join us as we celebrate the ritual, craft and medicine of Winter. In this workshop we will honor the wheel of the year and the approaching solstice, a time to celebrate our entrance into the Winter season and passage through the portal of darkness into light.

We’ll gather, as our ancestors would have, to handcraft wreaths of spruce, pine and cedar, symbols of the natural cycle of death and rebirth, as we learn about the sacred medicine of evergreens. We’ll celebrate the completion of another cycle over mulled wine and merry company, and deepen our appreciation of the Earth’s blessings.

You’ll leave with:

  • Your own handcrafted wreath, designed with the guidance of renowned florist and herbalist, Kristen Caissie
  • Wisdom around the plants sacred to the Winter season and traditional ritual practices meant to honor this time of year, shared by fellow herbalist Sarah Dolan, alongside Kristen
  • Joy in body and spirit, born of the medicine that is gathering with like-hearted community to celebrate the Earth’s magic
  • Warmth in your heart and belly from medicinal mulled wine... did you know Wassail, another name for mulled wine, is derived from the Old Norse ves heil, meaning “to be in good health.” Cheers!

*space is limited to 12

**no cancellations unless 72 hours in advance

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