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"Sounds of the Moon" - A Full Moon Soundbath - Friday June 21st - 7pm

"Sounds of the Moon" - A Full Moon Soundbath - Friday June 21st - 7pm

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Title: “Sounds of the Moon”–A Full Moon Soundbath 

Date: 7/21 

Time: 7-8:30pm

Price: $44

Join multidisciplinary healer and herbalist, Allie Brown, on a cosmic sound and herbal medicine journey. The moon serves as both our medicine and muse.  

The Full Moon on June 21st comes the day after the Summer Solstice–June is a time of newness, abundance and joy. 

Connect with the power of the moon and learn how working with the ebb and flow of its phases can support your mind, body, and soul. We are forever changing and transforming–learn how the moon can empower us to celebrate each phase of our growth.  

Offerings include a sound bath, guided meditation, herbal teas & infusions to support the natural rhythm of our bodies during the summer season, and a full moon circle. Together we will build a community altar to aid in connecting with our higher self, spirit guides and ancestors. Please bring something to place on the altar–an object, flower, poem, or whatever speaks to you!

The Benefits of Sound:

  • rebalances the body’s energy + biological rhythms
  • promotes a meditative and calm state
  • opens the heart

The Benefits of Herbal Tea + Infusions

  • calms the the nervous system + “fight or flight” response
  • triggers the body’s natural healing response


Led by Multidisciplinary Healing Artist, Allie Brown.

Allie is an Herbalist, Sound & Meditation Guide & Reiki Practitioner

Learn more about Allie on IG @itsalliebrown 

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