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Coherent Energy Therapy with Lizette Romero

Coherent Energy Therapy with Lizette Romero

Wednesdays at Riverbank. Book directly by emailing

Lizette Romero is a highly trained practitioner with Sound and Energy therapy expertise. She holds qualifications as a Reiki Master and practiced Christian Science for numerous years. Additionally, Lizette is an advanced student of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

As someone who practices meditation and studies the quantum field, she taps into it and channels assistance through harmonic waves that establish coherence in the physical space. Sound is a potent instrument utilized to re-harmonize human frequencies and promote balance within the body.

Sono Therapy is an immersive, meditative practice that utilizes sound waves created by Quartz Bowls. These seven harmonious musical notes are designed to resonate with our energy centers, also known as chakras.

Following the realignment, the body becomes receptive to coherence, allowing Lizette to channel the energy and restore equilibrium.

By undergoing this type of therapy, we can effectively elevate our vibratory frequency to a healthier level. This therapy operates on a cellular level and works on various energy layers throughout the body.

The benefits of Sound and Coherent Energy Therapy can help to:

~ reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
~ can alleviate chronic pain and high blood pressure
~ could improve sleep quality
~ unlock physical and energetic parts of the body
~ clarifies the mind
~ align the energy centers
~ it could help reach deeper states of consciousness
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