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Gwen Dittmar Coaching, Somatic, Breathwork Sessions

Gwen Dittmar Coaching, Somatic, Breathwork Sessions

Wednesdays at Riverbank

Gwen blends a multitude of energy healing modalities, ancient medicine, as well as somatic processing, breathwork, and coaching in her private sessions. In each container, Gwen will attune to what will serve you through processing, breathing, shamanic extraction, illumination, soul retrieval, and more. Upon leaving you will feel lighter, clearer, softer, and connected to embodying your soul’s purpose in your human life.

Through breathwork, somatic processing, ancient shamanic energy medicine, regulate your nervous system with the earth and heart, clear what no longer serves, illuminate what does, and retrieve the gifts of your Soul. Gwen ends each session with guidance on integrating the lessons into your life. 60-minute ($250) and 90-minute sessions ($325).  

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