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Reiki Healing with Brendon Henderson

Reiki Healing with Brendon Henderson

Reiki Healing with Brendon Henderson - MWF at Riverbank

Price: $177
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Reiki Usui is an energy healing technique, discovered in Japan, aimed at balancing energy in the body. This recalibration strengthens and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal.

If you’re feeling a creative block, are experiencing grief, not feeling grounded, or can’t quite tap into your intuition, you might consider a Reiki session. Reiki might also be a good fit If you have chronic injuries or head and stomach aches.

Note: Since Brendon was trained in Japan, his implementation of this practice tends to be more traditional than most healers in the West.

Brendon Henderson, is a former media executive who served in several creative leadership positions before dedicating his life to healing. Having experienced first hand the powers of mindfulness and sound, he is devoted to traveling the world to understand how cultures are harnessing these powers and bringing those learnings to his clients. A trained Reiki and Sound Bath healer, Brendon’s energy and intention brings people to calmer, more regulated states of being. He is extremely passionate and devoted to not only being a practitioner, but an educator of healing principles as well.

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