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Somatic Healing with Kristen Caissie

Somatic Healing with Kristen Caissie

Mondays at Riverbank - Book Directly with Kristen

Kristen is an herbalist and trauma-informed somatic practitioner who weaves these modalities together into a holistic Earth-centered healing practice. Guiding her is a deep belief that our bodies are not separate from the natural world and that as we heal, we step once again into the Earth's most ancient of codes: reciprocity.

Allowing the body to guide the way, Kristen offers her clients the safety to welcome all of their parts to come forward, creating the space for them to be held, seen, and resourced.

She places special focus on the many varied imbalances that can be brought on by trauma. Utilizing both somatic and herbal therapeutics, she supports nervous system regulation, hormonal balance, adrenal sufficiency, postpartum care, and spiritual nourishment.

Kristen's herbal and healing offerings can also be found at her website:

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