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Soul Mapping Towards Personal Healing with Rabbi Tova - Tuesday May 21st - 6pm

Soul Mapping Towards Personal Healing with Rabbi Tova - Tuesday May 21st - 6pm

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Soul Mapping with Rabbi Tova

Date: Tuesday May 21st

Time: 6pm -7:30pm

Exchange: $45

Join Tova Leibovic- Douglas, founder of the The Ritual House ( to participate in an evening of Soul Mapping. Through experiential exercises we will remember our soul, journey, purpose and the greater connection that we have to ourselves. Utilizing a courageous and safe space model we will dive into ancient wisdom, meditation, reiki, ancestral connection, creativity, intentional processing to deepen our connection. You will walk away with your soul map, a crystal, and a deeper connection to your soul, as well as a feeling of being witnessed as the unique holy soul that you are. Through the challenging moments of life, your soul map will serve as a reminder of why you came here and why you matter; afterall you are a one of a kind gift. This soul mapping will be focused on your personal healing this month.

Tova is a rebellious rabbi, ritualist, spiritual counselor, podcaster, facilitator, seeker and work-in-progress. She believes that each person is a unique holy soul and strives to build a world that lives out the values of the ancient spiritual traditions. In this world of deconstruction and reconstruction, she is thinking about how to engage with the wisdom of our ancestors while moving towards a better tomorrow.

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