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The Spiral Sessions with Paige Appel

The Spiral Sessions with Paige Appel

The Spiral Sessions are a 1:1 container to reflect and co-regulate, to deepen your roots and actualize your soul’s calling with Riverbank founder and guide, Paige Appel.

Set up a 15 minute inquiry call with Paige to learn if a Spiral Session is what you're looking for. Schedule here.

It has been a privilege to intuitively guide and support others as they discover their own wise knowing.  In these sessions, I help bring shape to the spiritual, guiding you towards the innermost soul whispers as well as the discomforts of your predicaments. Together we will find supportive pathways to bring more agency to the esoteric nature of spiritual and wellness practices. 

The Spiral of Life is a potent symbol for the physical, mental, and spiritual development of a human life winding its way through the rotating seasons of its years. I will offer tools for the process of embodying your full human experience as a catalyst for your soul’s evolution. To do that, we must start externally, spiraling inward and back out again, examining your human experiences. We do this through intuitive guidance based on our conversations, walks in nature, and my reflective extractions of your goals and desires. These times together are a landing pad to excavate the interior spiral of all that is held within you.

The space is held with non-judgment, curiosity, intuition, and allowance. You will connect more deeply to your higher knowing, develop a more grounded practice of spiritual rituals, and begin to align with your most authentic self - bringing intention, robust honesty, and better quality to all that you engage with and in.


Spiral Sessions are 60 and 45 minutes long. If we need a longer session, we can add on 75 minutes. 

1:1 60 minute sessions are $175

     3 Sessions are $450 

     5 Sessions are $725

1:1 45 minute Zoom check-ins are $100

I recommend we start with 3 sessions to begin to unravel the presenting spiral that wants to open up. These meetings can be weekly or bi-weekly.  Once you have established momentum within the work, we can shift to 45 minute check-ins with a few 1 hour sessions added in for bigger soul excavations and new expressions of your own dharma. Our work can evolve at a pace that feels supportive to your process.

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